DOLMA S.p.A. - Belgioioso (PV)
Water treatment plants for, eliminating methane, iron removal, demanganization,
ammonia (biological nitrification) and pesticide removal.
FLOW: 50 mc/h.
Padania Acque S.p.A. - Cremona
Water treatment plants for methane, iron, manganese, ammonia and arsenic removal.
Plant realised with a mixture of chemical, physical and biological processes.
FLOW: from 70 mc/h to 150 mc/h
S.p.A. Egidio Galbani Stabilimento di Corteolona (PV)
Water treatment plant for methane and iron removal, demanganization, ammonia
(biological nitrification) and pesticide elimination.
FLOW: 260 mc/h.
ICAP-SIRA Chemicals S.p.A. - Parabi ago (MI)
Activated carbon plant
Comune di Carimate (CO)
Mobile plant for denitrification using inverse osmosis
FLOW: 84 mc/h.
A.S.M. - Brescia
Water treatment plants for iron, manganese and ammonia removal. Installations realized
using biological processes. Treatment of back washing water filters.
FLOW: 120 mc/h.
Nuovo Pignone S.p.A. - Firenze
Plant for treatment of first rain and oil and greases removal.
E.S.A.F. - Cagliari Acquedotto Loc. Dolianova Comune di Cava
Installation of centralised stations for dosage of chlorine dioxide for pre oxidation and disinfection.
Ind. Farmaceutica SERONO - Roma
Activated carbon plant for solvent chlorides elimination.
FLOW: 50 mc/h.
Sorgente Verna - Chiusi della Verna (AR)
Plant for washing waters treatment. Machines for bottling and labelling.
FLOW: 10 mc/h.